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We are a “Can Do” community of nearly 9,000 people, where new business opportunities are never far away. Our entrepreneurs are taking on new challenges and partnering opportunities every day. Our people have a diverse mix of Aboriginal, European and other origins; collectively they have built a community with a positive, business friendly attitude and a vibrant arts and culture sector.  We are strategically located with respect to global air routes that led to our origin as an aircraft base during World War II. Today, Goose Bay Airport is on the official NASA list of alternate Shuttle landing sites due to the quality of its infrastructure and prevailing weather conditions. Canadian Forces Base 5 Wing Goose Bay is a well established location for Low Level Flight Training by a number of Air Forces for the same reasons.

Products and Services

   1.  Aircraft Components and Assembly

   2.  Aircraft Ground Support

   3.  Aircraft Structures

   4.  Avionics and Navigation

   5.  Avionics buses (MIL-STD-1553, Arinc)

   6.  Communications

   7.  Helictoper Charter – 15-19 Passenger