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Seamatica Aerospace Ltd. is a manufacturer of collision avoidance, ADS-B, tracking, monitoring and training systems for small unmanned aircraft. The company provides test units and field service support to end-users for test and evaluation (T/E).  The AWSAS (All Weather Sense and Avoid System) product uses both co-operative radio signals (Mode S, ADS-B) and non-cooperative data (radar, EO/IR, acoustic) to provide safe-separation flight recommendations to the aircraft operator, including fully autonomous options.  Features of the AWSAS include: built-in self-separation and collision avoidance algorithms, autonomous collision avoidance operation (including lost link operation), unique dual frequency operation, and cockpit or ground control station display of aircraft traffic.  The on-aircraft system is a light-weight, low-power, and low-cost unit designed for easy integration into COTS autopilots. Seamatica is seeking collaborators to undertake more T/E in other sectors, including maritime surveillance and port securities. 

Products and Services

  1. UMV Collision Avoidance Systems
  2. UMV ADS-B Tracking, Monitoring and Training Systems