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Quality Matters Inc. is a quality, health & safety, environmental and business management firm specializing in consulting, auditing, training and personnel placement services for internationally recognized QHSE management systems.  To accommodate the needs of our clients, Quality Matters has developed a network of global partners to provide our clients with a diverse variety of QHSE and business management services in national and international markets.  We take pride in providing our clients with qualified, experienced consulting teams and personnel placements to meet our clients growing QHSE program requirements.

Our team specializes in QHSE system project management, assessment, development, implementation, standard integration, supply chain management, software support, auditing and training.

It has been recognized in the global economy that the establishment of quality, health and safety, and environmental management systems combined with continual improvement is key to becoming more competitive in the market place.  Consumers and businesses alike are increasingly demanding consistency in the products and services they purchase.  With internationally recognized QHSE management systems in place, business can communicate their commitment to providing products and services that guarantee customer satisfaction.