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If you find aircraft and spacecraft interesting and exciting, Aerospace Engineering could be the program of study for you.  Canada’s aerospace industry has annual sales revenues of about $23 billion and employs 84,000 people.  It is a vigorous, innovative, and highly competitive industry with a worldwide reputation for leadership in a number of fields, including commuter and business aircraft, small gas turbine power plants, aircraft simulators, communications satellites, and guidance systems. 

The Carleton Advantage 

Carleton University established the first Bachelor of Engineering program in Aerospace Engineering in Canada. Carleton’s Aerospace Engineering program is recognized for: 

A wide range of topics offered within three streams of study:(1) aerodynamics, propulsion, and vehicle performance, (2) aerospace structures, systems, and vehicle design, and (3) aerospace electronics and systems
A unique and challenging final-year aerospace design project based on an industrial design office approach
An emphasis on problem-solving skills and hands-on laboratory and design work
Excellent scholarships for high-standing students
A co-operative education option