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Camouflage Software
“Be Compliant. Camouflage Your Data” Security of the data that drives your business lies with you.  The sensitive customer information critical to the success of your organization can also be your biggest liability unless appropriate safeguards are in place to prevent this information from being stolen. Legislation, industry standards and good corporate governance require that you put reasonable safeguards in place to protect sensitive information from unwanted disclosure.  The Camouflage DLM Suite offers best-of-breed data masking capabilities that set a high standard of care for privacy and security compliance.  Leveraging our powerful data masking technology and our Best Practice approach, our team of data masking experts will help ensure that your sensitive data is protected and that you are compliant with –HIPAA,GLBAFISMA and PCISOXDiscoverAnalyzeSubset and Mask your Data all within one powerful suite of integrated products.