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College of the North Atlantic – Aerospace Programs
The Aviation division of the College of the North Atlantic delivers two aerospace programs at it’s Gander NL campus, Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Technology and Aircraft Structural Repair Technician. These programs are accredited by Transport Canada, as meeting the Basic Training and Technical Knowledge requirements for issuance of an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer ( AME ) License. The three-year Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Technology program offers training in fixed and rotary wing categories. Topics include the role of the Aircraft Maintenance Engineer as being responsible for aviation safety and airworthiness. Courses cover all aspects of aircraft maintenance for fixed and rotary wing aircraft and include safety practices, ground handling, inspection techniques, power plants, structural repair, aircraft systems, and avionics. Upon completion, students are awarded a Diploma in, Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Technology. Along with an experience credit of 21 months that can be used towards either the “M” or “E” category AME License. The Aircraft Structural Repair Technician is responsible for the assessment of damage, control of corrosion, repairs, modifications, and replacement of aircraft structures and structural components using recognized techniques and specialized tools and equipment. Students are trained in the maintenance, repair and fabrication of aircraft structural components. In addition to training with wood, fabric and sheet metal materials, this program includes extensive training in modern composite materials. Upon completion, students are awarded a Certificate in, Aircraft Structural Repair. Along with an experience credit of 10 months that can be used towards the “S” category AME License.